Rife River Pump
How Rife River Pumps Work


The whole pump unit is set in slow rotation by means of a propeller, which sets in motion by streaming water at axial level. The pump is held in position by a mooring or a stake in the stream bed.

On the inside of pump casing is a helically-wound poly hose. This hose is open at the rear end and attached to a swivel coupling at the front end.

The pump revolutions result in a alternate inflow of air and water, which forces water forward via the swivel coupling into the feeder hose which conveys the water to an intermediate storage tank or place on consumption. The pumped water thus oxygenated is supplied in a pulsating form.

The materials used guarantee a durable product which allows for rough handling without breaking down. The pump is designed for continuous attendance-free operation far from the place of consumption. As a result, the cost of operation and maintenance is practically non-existent.

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