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Rife Water Rams
Water Rams: Use the momentum of falling water to pump water up to 500ft high. Available in 2 models types and 12 sizes.

Rife River Pump
Rife River Pump Flowing water from a river or creek will spin this pump creating the pumping action needed to lift it 82 ft high.                                                                                                               

Ram Pump Calculator
NEW: Ram Situation Calculator We've made calculating how a water ram will perform easy. With this file all you need to do is enter your fall, elevation, and flow and it will calculate how much will be delivered instantly!

Pasture/Nose Pump
Pasture/Nose Pump: The Pasture Pump is intended for Horses, Cows, or Bison. The animals will use their nose to operate the pump delivering worry-free water with no need to have you livestock on the banks of a river or stream.

Floating Solar Pump
Portable Floating Solar Pump The Floating Solar Pump is a versatile pump with many uses for a great price!

Hand Pump
Hand Pump Systems: Our new hand pump features a fabricated body, giving it strength while keeping it cost effective!